Swim Etiquette

In the world of swimming where the pool is our playground, it’s important to be respectful of our fellow swimmers and lane mates.  If you are new to Masters or have been here for a while, please be mindful of these tips:

Choosing the right lane
Arrive to practice a few minutes early to space yourselves accordingly. Lanes 5/6 are fast, lanes 3/4 are medium, and lanes 1/2 are slower.  If you are not sure which lane fits you best, please ask a coach.

Pushing off the wall
Leave 5 seconds after the person in front of you.  This will ensure that there is adequate space between swimmers in the lane.

Pass with care
If you want to pass the swimmer in front of you, alert them by touching their feet.  Then, swim to the nearest wall, and let them pass at the wall.

Sticking to the time interval
Stick with intervals for a whole set that is previously agreed upon by lane mates. Do not change the interval mid set.

Taking a break
If you need a breather in the middle of a set, please be mindful of your lane mates and allow them adequate space to do flip turns.  Do not crowd the wall.

For more information, check out USMS Pool Etiquette.